Paul's Story

Experienced working with industry, government, and non-profits.

I grew up on a small farm in a blue-collar working family. I was taught by my father to work hard and to produce through the use of my hands. As industry and the world changed it became obvious my skill set needed to change.

I had to learn new skills, which moved me beyond my current thinking. I worked hard at educating myself (formally), and practising (experience) my new craft of coaching, communicating, and facilitating.

In reflection, I recognize my success was a result of these key ingredients.

  • I have great relationships both at a personal and professional level. I have been mentored, trained, and supported by amazing people.
  • I have had vision and a hope for my life that has gone beyond what was modeled and expected culturally. I grew beyond the farm.
  • I have put in the time and the work to learn and better myself. Skills add value. Money and reward follows value.

I believe success is created for each of one of us through the understanding and development of these key foundational truths: clear vision, partnership/collaboration, skills, and ultimately courageous commitment.

Credentialing in the coaching profession:

  • I hold a master’s degree. (Trinity Western)
  • I have credentialing in marketing and business. (BCIT)
  • I have training and experience in Childhood Education.
  • I have training and experience working with special needs children.
  • I have experiencing working with first responders; veterans, protection services, and medical professionals.

I am an expert at helping teams and those who lead them think better and work better. The results are clear goals, healthy partnerships, effective communication, and strong leadership. I have experience working with Governments in:

  • Australia
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Mongolia

Think Better - Work Better - Live Better